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Switch from Microsoft365 to Google Workspace

February 23, 2024
Written by Chris Wood
google workspace apps

Here's a very quick introduction to Google Workspace and how it can help improve communication and functionality in your business, reduce subscription costs, reduce stress dealing with annoying bugs and security issues with Microsoft products, etc. etc.

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Make the Switch!

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What is Google Workspace?

Formerly known as Gsuite, Google Workspace offers just about everything you need to run a business.

It's a bunch of Productivity and Collaboration tools you can access from any Internet browser.

It's fast, easy to use, secure, offers great value for money and quite frankly, for a small business it's better than Microsoft products in every way possible (in my opinion).

Google Workspace can replace stuff like this:

  • Microsoft 365

  • HubSpot

  • Trello

  • Dropbox

  • Emails on a managed server

  • iCal/Outlook calendar

  • Microsoft Teams

How much does it cost?

See below (accurate as of November 2023). For up-to-date pricing, click here.

Pricing table for Google Workspace

How do I change my services to Google Workspace?

Here are some useful links:

Contact me to manage your migration

Migrating emails - Instructions from Google

More about Google Workspace

Here's a list of benefits of using Google Workspace and why some users might prefer it over Microsoft 365, with emojis for added fun:

🌐 Cloud-Centric Collaboration:

Google Workspace is designed for cloud collaboration from the ground up, making it seamless to work on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time with others, without the need to send files back and forth.

💼 Easy Integration:

Google Workspace seamlessly integrates with various Google services, such as Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Meet, making it a cohesive ecosystem.

📧 User-Friendly Email:

Gmail, part of Google Workspace, is known for its user-friendly interface and excellent spam protection.

📅 Google Calendar:

Google Workspace offers a robust calendar application that can be shared and synchronized with others for easy scheduling and event management.

📝 Google Docs:

Google Docs offers a collaborative and simplified document editing experience, with the ability to edit documents simultaneously with others.

📊 Google Sheets:

Google Sheets provides powerful collaborative spreadsheet capabilities with real-time editing and formula sharing.

🖼️ Google Slides:

Google Slides allows for seamless teamwork on presentations with features like commenting and collaborative editing.

🔒 Security and Privacy:

Google Workspace has robust security features and allows organizations to have control over data access and device management.

💼 Price:

Google Workspace tends to be more cost-effective, especially for small businesses and startups.

📚 Education-Friendly:

Google Workspace for Education offers a suite of tools for educational institutions, making it a preferred choice for many schools and universities.

🎙️ Google Meet:

Google Meet provides video conferencing and screen sharing, which is integrated with Google Workspace.

📈 Data Analytics:

Google Workspace allows users to leverage the power of Google Analytics and other data analytics tools for insights and optimization.

📱 Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Google Workspace apps are available on various platforms, including iOS and Android, making it accessible on mobile devices.

🌎 Collaboration Beyond Boundaries:

Google Workspace is known for its global collaboration features, allowing teams from around the world to work together seamlessly.

♻️ Automatic Updates:

Google Workspace apps are updated automatically, ensuring you have access to the latest features and security updates without manual installations.

🌌 Versatile File Storage:

Google Drive provides ample cloud storage space for documents, images, and other files.

Remember that the choice between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 often depends on specific organizational needs, preferences, and existing infrastructure. Both have their unique strengths, and the best option for your organization may vary.

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