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Promotional Video Tours for Estate Agents help find more buyers for their properties, increase the chances of an estate agent winning an instruction and MASSIVELY improve the estate agent's brand awareness locally through more social media engagement.

Pennine SEO offer Property Videography Services with drone footage for local estate agents in the following areas:

Property Videography for Estate Agents in South Yorkshire...
Penistone | Barnsley | Stocksbridge | Sheffield | Rotherham

Property Videography for Estate Agents in West Yorkshire...
Huddersfield | Holmfirth | Wakefield

Property Videography for Estate Agents in Derbyshire...

Benefits of Property Video Tours

Reach More Buyers

By having a video tour of a property for sale, you are increasing the number of views it gets online. The more people who view the property, the more enquiries you get and the higher the chances of achieving a faster sale at a better price!

It's a Great Listing Tool

By offering a video tour to a potential vendor, this could be what tips the decision in your favour as to which estate agent they instruct to sell their home. 

Remote Viewing

Property buyers who are looking to relocate to the area will appreciate being able to watch a property tour remotely. They are then more likely to add your property to their shortlist!

Brand Awareness

By sharing property video tours across various social media channels, you will organically and cost-effectively increase your brand awareness in your local area. This in turn WILL result in more valuation requests.

Quick Quide to Property Tours

Video tours should give the viewer a good understanding of the layout of the property and give a better perspective on the space inside and outside the property. Here are a few points of advice to create great-looking property video tours for your estate agency.

  1. Pre-Production:

    • Plan the Script: Outline the order of rooms and key features you want to showcase. Plan your narrative to guide viewers through the property.

    • Scout the Property: Familiarize yourself with the property's layout, lighting conditions, and unique selling points.

  2. Equipment and Setup:

    • Camera and Lenses: Choose wide-angle lenses to capture spacious rooms.

    • Stabilization: Use a gimbal to ensure smooth, stable shots. Shooting in 60fps, halving the speed in post-production and exporting as 30fps makes the shots appear smoother.

    • Audio: If creating an "accompanied" property video tour, use an external microphone for clear audio, reducing background noise.

    • Lighting: Utilize natural light whenever possible, but bring additional lighting equipment for interior shots if needed.

  3. Shooting Techniques:

    • Capture Wide Shots: Begin with wide shots to establish the layout and flow of the property.

    • Highlight Key Features: Showcase unique or standout features, such as architectural details, high-end finishes, or scenic views.

    • Smooth Movements: Use slow, steady camera movements to create a cinematic feel.

    • Vary Angles and Heights: Shoot from different angles and heights to add visual interest.

  4. Staging and Preparation:

    • Declutter and Clean: Ensure the property is clean and clutter-free before filming.

    • Staging: Arrange furniture and decor to create an appealing and welcoming atmosphere.

  5. Filming Tips:

    • Natural Flow: Film in a logical sequence, moving through rooms in a way that makes sense to viewers.

  6. Post-Production:

    • Video Editing Software: Use professional video editing software (here we use Adobe Premiere Pro) to edit the footage.

    • Editing Techniques: Trim unnecessary footage, add smooth transitions, and incorporate text overlays for property details.

    • Colour Correction: Enhance colours and adjust the lighting to make the video visually appealing.

  7. Add Music and Sound Effects:

    • Choose background music that complements the mood of the property and video.

    • Use subtle sound effects, such as swoosh noises, footsteps or doors opening, to enhance immersion.

  8. Final Touches:

    • Branding: Add your branding, logo, and contact information at the beginning or end of the video.

    • Title and Description: Write a captivating title and description for the video that includes relevant keywords.

  9. Quality Control:

    • Review and Feedback: Have colleagues or clients review the video and provide feedback before finalizing it.

    • Check Technical Quality: Ensure audio, visuals, and transitions are seamless and professional.

  10. Distribution and Promotion:

    • YouTube: Upload the video to video-sharing platforms with descriptive titles, tags, and descriptions and a link to the property listing on your website.

    • Social Media: Share the video on your social media accounts to reach a broader audience. This will have a really good positive effect on your brand awareness in your local area, too!

    • Estate Agent Websites: Embed the video on your property listings and property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

    • Email Marketing: Include the video link in email campaigns to prospective buyers.

Remember, consistency and attention to detail are key to creating an exceptional property video tour. Professionalism in both the production and post-production stages will help you showcase properties effectively and attract potential buyers.

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Here are some examples of proeprty tours carried out for Butcher Residential Estate Agents in Penistone and Denby Dale.

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