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We’re a small digital marketing firm based in Penistone looking for small businesses and business startups to help them grow their online presence.

About Pennine SEO

I’m a freelance SEO practitioner with over 10 years of experience in web design and SEO. A lot has changed in a very short space of time recently in terms of SEO. I use the best of the current trending technologies to bring you the results that you need to grow your online presence. I pride myself on providing you with a strong foundation on which to advance your search engine rankings.

My Philosophy

My philosophy in web design is simple – to create the experience we as consumers want: easy to navigate, educational, easy to use, mobile-friendly and seamless.

My main approach to SEO is to understand as much as possible what exactly your business is about, not just what it does. This approach helps me identify opportunities that WILL get you ahead of your competitors.

Why do I do SEO? Having owned my own businesses in the past, I understand the Return On Investment a strong web presence can bring to just about any type of business. I have recognised there are many firms out there that promise the world and charge a small fortune but under deliver. My aim is to help out small businesses on a budget by offering them low-cost SEO services.


I’ve designed my entire process around providing everything with a small business or individual needs when they’re starting out – ensuring that working with me is always a quick, easy and hassle-free experience. I give my clients full control of their website without a ridiculous price tag.

Search Engine Optimisation of your existing website

Steps for getting your website found by customers online…

Initial Review

1. Get in touch to express your interest.
2. We’ll have a quick chat to find out what you want to achieve.
3. You’ll receive a detailed report with a summary on how we can improve your rankings and a tailored quote for our services.


1. Keyword planning – what keywords do you want to target to drive customers to your website?
2. Run a more in-depth report including competitor analysis and technical analysis of your website.
3. Google Drive set up – so you always have access to images, graphics, documents, etc. used for your website.
4. Trello Project Management set up – so you can see in real-time what tasks are planned ahead, what’s being done and what tasks have been completed.


1. We are 100% open and transparent when it comes to fulfilling promises and delivering a great customer service.
2. You can track our progress through Trello so you can rest assured that the work we say is being done is indeed getting done!
3. You will receive a detailed monthly report with a brief summary highlighting progress made and what needs more work. Report includes (but not limited to):
a. Rankings increase/decrease for each keyword from start date to current date.
b. Competitor analysis – where you stand compared to your competitors.
c. Website Traffic:
i. How many times you appeared in search results.
ii. How many times people clicked on your website in the search results.
iii. Detailed view of your website visitors including source and demographics.

Flexible Payments

Some websites require more work than others…
1. We offer a very flexible pricing structure which means you won’t be stuck paying high monthly fees forever and there is no contract so you can cancel at any time.
2. We propose to our clients a staged pricing plan which decreases over time (depending on results and competitor activity).
3. There is also the option to pay for website content writing on request.